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Software Update Deployment Rings for Managed macOS Devices
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Intune Apple macOS Updates Groups Security
So you’ve pulled the trigger on managing macOS devices in Microsoft Intune, and with this year being the year of macOS for Microsoft (this seems like an oxymoron), you should probably look at how to handle software updates.
Remediating BitLocker DMA Exception Errors with Microsoft Intune
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Intune BitLocker PowerShell Windows 10 and later Security
So you’ve configured BitLocker silent encryption in Microsoft Intune, but some of your devices are failing to encrypt complaining about a DMA exception issue. How can we fix that without creating a gaping security hole?
Creating Reusable Groups of Firewall Settings for Microsoft Online Services
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Intune Security PowerShell Graph API Settings Catalog Windows 10 and later
It’s time to remove another manual process, this time the creation of Microsoft 365 network endpoints for Windows Firewall Rules in Microsoft Intune, because nobody should be creating these manually.
A Flexible Approach to Microsoft Update Deployments
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Intune Windows 10 and later Updates Groups Security
It’s been a while since we’ve looked at deploying Microsoft and Windows Updates using Microsoft Intune, this time we look at different ways to phase our deployments across a device estate.
Keeping Windows Store Apps Updated with Microsoft Intune
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Intune Windows 10 and later Updates Remediation Apps PowerShell Windows Autopilot Security
Now we all love the new Windows Store, especially for deploying applications from Microsoft Intune, but we should find a way to keep these UWP applications up to date without additional license cost.
Using Entra ID Device Attributes for Conditional Access Exceptions
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PowerShell Graph API Security Conditional Access
So you like Intune Device Compliance and the integration with Conditional Access, what about if you’ve got VDI or Remote Desktop infrastructure that you want to exclude from specific policies, how do you go about that in a safe and controlled way.
Modernising Microsoft Intune Firewall Rule Policies
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Intune Windows 10 and later PowerShell Graph API Settings Catalog Security
If you’ve ever experienced the joys of migrating Group Policy and in particular Windows Defender Firewall rules away from Group Policy to Microsoft Intune, you’ve probably encountered the Rule Migration Tool, and for now this tool has worked well. So what’s the catch?
Intelligent Phased Windows Update for Business Deployments
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Intune Windows 10 and later Updates Groups Security
You might have been asked the question, especially from organisations that currently utilise Microsoft Configuration Manager, about how you mimic existing Device Collections used for Software Update deployments in Microsoft Intune..
Revisiting macOS National Cyber Security Centre Security Settings
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Intune Apple macOS Security NCSC Configuration
With the improved support for macOS devices in Microsoft Intune, it’s time we revisited how to secure macOS devices aligned the National Cyber Security Centre guidance.
Automating Endpoint Privilege Management Policies with PowerShell
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Intune Security Windows 10 and later Settings Catalog Endpoint Privilege Management Graph API PowerShell
So you’re interested in Endpoint Privilege Management in Microsoft Intune and in you’re excitement you’ve gone and deployed a new policy to audit using the Reporting Scope options, all elevations across your managed Windows 10 and later devices. Now what?