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Modernising Microsoft Intune Firewall Rule Policies
·17 mins· 0
Intune Windows 10 and later PowerShell Graph API Settings Catalog Security
If you’ve ever experienced the joys of migrating Group Policy and in particular Windows Defender Firewall rules away from Group Policy to Microsoft Intune, you’ve probably encountered the Rule Migration Tool, and for now this tool has worked well. So what’s the catch?
Intelligent Phased Windows Update for Business Deployments
·9 mins· 0
Intune Windows 10 and later Updates Groups Security
You might have been asked the question, especially from organisations that currently utilise Microsoft Configuration Manager, about how you mimic existing Device Collections used for Software Update deployments in Microsoft Intune..
Revisiting macOS National Cyber Security Centre Security Settings
·5 mins· 0
Intune Apple macOS Security NCSC Configuration
With the improved support for macOS devices in Microsoft Intune, it’s time we revisited how to secure macOS devices aligned the National Cyber Security Centre guidance.
Managing Assignments in Microsoft Intune: Settings Catalog Profiles
·18 mins· 0
Intune Settings Catalog Assignments Graph API PowerShell
Ever wanted to the ability to re-assign all of your Setting Catalog profiles in Intune to additional device and user groups without having to painstakingly go through each one manually? Well this post is for you.
Automating Endpoint Privilege Management Policies with PowerShell
·17 mins· 0
Intune Security Windows 10 and later Settings Catalog Endpoint Privilege Management Graph API PowerShell
So you’re interested in Endpoint Privilege Management in Microsoft Intune and in you’re excitement you’ve gone and deployed a new policy to audit using the Reporting Scope options, all elevations across your managed Windows 10 and later devices. Now what?
Detailed Compliance for Non-Microsoft Antivirus Solutions
·7 mins· 0
Intune Windows 10 and later Compliance Security Antivirus Graph API PowerShell
So what happens when you’re not using Windows Defender on your Windows 10 and later Microsoft Intune enrolled devices, and you’re not happy with the basic compliance checks for Third-Party Antivirus products?
Deploying Teams Backgrounds to macOS Devices
·7 mins· 0
Intune macOS Apple Microsoft Teams Apps Shell Script
What happens when a stranger on the Internet asks you to look at something they’ve got a problem with? Here we are, looking at how to deploy Microsoft Teams Backgrounds to macOS devices.
Co-Managing Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join Devices
·6 mins· 0
Intune Configuration Manager Windows Autopilot Remediation Windows 10 and later PowerShell
Installing the Configuration Manager client on Hybrid Azure AD Joined Autopilot devices should be an easy process right?
Assigning Intune Mobile Apps Quickly and Consistently
·15 mins· 0
Intune Android iOS/iPadOS Apple Apps Graph API PowerShell
No one, and I mean no one, really wants to manually and individually assign Mobile Apps to Users or Devices in Intune in their 100’s, so we should find a solution for this bulk assignment approach.
Updating Apple Operating System Compliance Policies
·10 mins· 0
Intune Apple iOS/iPadOS macOS Compliance Updates Graph API PowerShell
Apple devices shouldn’t be exempt from Operating System compliance policies, and these policies should share the same fate as Windows ones, and be updated monthly in line with update release cycles.