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The Hidden Power of Windows Autopilot Group Tags
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Windows Autopilot Device Enrolment
A hidden gem with Autopilot service, is the Group Tag attribute for Autopilot devices, this tag can be provided during the pre-registration by a supplier or OEM, and can be configured or updated after the device has been imported. What can we use it for in Intune?
macOS National Cyber Security Centre Security Settings in Intune
Microsoft Intune macOS Security National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Custom Profiles Configuration
If you’ve ever had to implement baseline security settings, whether this be Centre for Internet Security, Cyber Essentials, or National Cyber Security Centre, you’ll probably have encountered some level of pain when it comes to non-Microsoft devices, as the guidance, is, well, complicated. Here we unpick these settings for macOS devices.
Enrolling Android Enterprise devices Using Mobile Data
Microsoft Intune Android Device Enrolment
What happens when your Android Fully Managed Corporate Owned users get a new Android 11 device and they can’t enrol to Intune using mobile data, well there’s a fix for that.
Renaming Windows Autopilot Hybrid Joined Devices
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Windows Autopilot Hybrid Entra Join PowerShell
You’ve probably hit the limitation with Windows Autopilot Hybrid Azure AD Join deployments and the device name templates being less than flexible, restricting to only a prefix and, well, that’s it.
Enabling BitLocker and WinRE on failed Windows Devices
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later BitLocker Security Encryption PowerShell
You may have enabled and configure BitLocker for silent encryption on your Windows 10 Autopilot joined devices, but have you had the headache of devices that don’t have a Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) configured? Yep? Me too…