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Updating Apple Operating System Compliance Policies
Microsoft Intune iOS/iPadOS macOS Compliance Software Updates Graph API PowerShell Automation
Apple devices shouldn’t be exempt from Operating System compliance policies, and these policies should share the same fate as Windows ones, and be updated monthly in line with update release cycles.
Device Migration and Automated Device Enrolment Profile Assignment
Microsoft Intune iOS/iPadOS macOS Device Enrolment Graph API PowerShell Automated Device Enrolment Automation
Migrating iOS/iPadOS device to Microsoft Intune shouldn’t be a headache, and assignment of Automated Device Enrolment profiles with Apple Business Manager integration isn’t the exception.
Proactively Renaming Hybrid Azure AD Joined Devices
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Windows Autopilot Remediation Scripts Hybrid Entra Join PowerShell
Nothing has really changed in the Hybrid Join Autopilot space when it comes to device names, and we’re still stuck with useless naming conventions for these devices; sometimes a prefix and random characters just isn’t a good enough identification method for Windows devices.
Reinstalling the Configuration Manager Client on Migrated Devices
Microsoft Configuration Manager Windows 10 and later Apps PowerShell Administration Automation
Have you ever had the pleasure of migrating Configuration Manager clients from one domain to another, or maybe between Configuration Manager environments? Tired of manually reinstalling the client from the Console? Wanting a quick and easy way to keep on top of migrated devices? You’re in luck.
Enrolling Microsoft Teams Room Systems in Intune
Microsoft Intune Android Microsoft Teams Device Enrolment
What if you want to ensure that all of your Microsoft Teams Rooms System accounts, and any future accounts can enrol using Android Device Administrator in Microsoft Intune?
Migrating from AzureAD Authentication for Graph API
Microsoft Intune Administration Authentication Graph API PowerShell
With the impending retirement of the Azure AD Graph API and ADAL authentication methods, and by impending, I mean the end of 2022, we should probably look at how we move away from the existing authentication methods.
Updating Defender Antivirus Compliance Settings
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Microsoft Defender Security Compliance Software Updates Antivirus Graph API PowerShell Automation
We’re going to have a look at updating a Microsoft Defender compliance policy with the latest platform update version, automatically.
The Easy Way to Approve Managed Google Play Apps
Microsoft Intune Android Administration Google Apps Graph API PowerShell Automation
We’ve all had to add Managed Google Play Apps in bulk to Microsoft Intune for your Android Enterprise enrolled devices, sometimes in the hundreds, let’s see if we can make this easier and less clicky.
Creating and Assigning App Categories the Smart Way
Microsoft Intune Apps Graph API PowerShell Administration Automation
What about assigning App Categories, do you want to be manually updating hundreds of Apps with categories? Let’s make one laborious task, less laborious, with a hacky PowerShell script.