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Microsoft Intune

Configuring Dell BIOS Settings with Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Dell Apps BIOS Hardware PowerShell
What if you’ve only got Microsoft Intune to configure your Dell BIOS settings and not the glory that is Configuration Manager? How much do you like PowerShell, Win32 Apps and passwords in plain text?
Windows Operating System Compliance Updates
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Compliance Software Updates Security Graph API PowerShell Automation
Let’s talk about Windows 10 and above Operating System Compliance in Microsoft Intune, and specifically how using ‘Minimum OS Version’ and ‘Maximum OS Version’ is dumb and you should definitely check yourself if you’re using this in your environment.
Retrofitting Windows Autopilot Group Tags
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Windows Autopilot Device Enrolment Graph API PowerShell Automation
Now that we know how powerful Autopilot Group Tags can be, we should look into how we can retrofit devices with these Group Tags when the OEM or Supplier didn’t bother doing their part of the deal.
Dynamic Groups vs Device Filters
Microsoft Intune Administration Dynamic Groups Device Filters
Now if you’ve ever spoken to me about Microsoft Intune and using Dynamic Groups for management of users and devices, I probably would have talked your ears off about the attribute usage, which attributes are suitable, and that moving away from assigned groups to dynamic is the only way forward for Modern Device Management.
Configuring Available User Languages on Windows Devices
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Windows Autopilot Accessibility PowerShell
Have you ever wondered how to ensure that a number of languages are available for selection to end users on shared Windows 10 devices? The thought hadn’t crossed my mind, but then again, you encounter new use cases and requirements on a weekly basis. This was one of those occasions.
Customising the Android Enterprise Enrolment QR Code
Microsoft Intune Android Device Enrolment
Making your users lives easier with Android Fully Managed Corporate Owned enrolment, this time auto adding a corporate wireless network.
Bulk Adding Device Notes to Enrolled Devices
Microsoft Intune Administration PowerShell Graph API Device Enrolment Automation
Ever had to add notes to Intune Managed Devices in bulk? Me either, well not until a few weeks ago when I needed an easy way to update the notes field on 100’s of devices.
The Hidden Power of Windows Autopilot Group Tags
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Windows Autopilot Device Enrolment
A hidden gem with Autopilot service, is the Group Tag attribute for Autopilot devices, this tag can be provided during the pre-registration by a supplier or OEM, and can be configured or updated after the device has been imported. What can we use it for in Intune?
macOS National Cyber Security Centre Security Settings in Intune
Microsoft Intune macOS Security National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Custom Profiles Configuration
If you’ve ever had to implement baseline security settings, whether this be Centre for Internet Security, Cyber Essentials, or National Cyber Security Centre, you’ll probably have encountered some level of pain when it comes to non-Microsoft devices, as the guidance, is, well, complicated. Here we unpick these settings for macOS devices.