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Keeping Windows Store Apps Updated with Microsoft Intune
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Intune Windows 10 and later Updates Remediation Apps PowerShell Windows Autopilot Security
Now we all love the new Windows Store, especially for deploying applications from Microsoft Intune, but we should find a way to keep these UWP applications up to date without additional license cost.
Automatically Resizing the WinRE Partition for Windows Update KB5034441
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Intune Windows 10 and later Updates PowerShell Remediation
When Microsoft releases an update that won’t install due to the size of a Recovery partition, what do you do? Follow the manual steps provided by Microsoft or blindly follow a script created by a stranger on the internet?
Co-Managing Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join Devices
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Intune Configuration Manager Windows Autopilot Remediation Windows 10 and later PowerShell
Installing the Configuration Manager client on Hybrid Azure AD Joined Autopilot devices should be an easy process right?
Proactively Renaming Hybrid Azure AD Joined Devices
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Intune Windows 10 and later Windows Autopilot Remediation Hybrid Azure AD PowerShell
Nothing has really changed in the Hybrid Join Autopilot space when it comes to device names, and we’re still stuck with useless naming conventions for these devices; sometimes a prefix and random characters just isn’t a good enough identification method for Windows devices.