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Direct Memory Access

Patching Gaps in the CIS Windows 11 Benchmark - BitLocker
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Security Center for Internet Security (CIS) Custom Profiles BitLocker Direct Memory Access Settings Catalog
Everyone loves a security benchmark, and with the imminent move to Windows 11 for everyone, the Center for Internet Security released version 3.0.1 of theirs, including a build kit for Microsoft Intune, but what does this build kit break for BitLocker encryption?
Remediating BitLocker DMA Exception Errors with Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later BitLocker PowerShell Security Direct Memory Access
So you’ve configured BitLocker encryption in Microsoft Intune, but some of your devices are failing to encrypt complaining about a DMA exception issue as part of Automatic Encryption. How can we fix that without creating a gaping security hole?