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Custom Profiles

Renaming Windows Autopilot v2 Devices
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Windows Autopilot Windows Autopilot Device Preparation Custom Profiles
So Microsoft released Windows Autopilot Device Preparation, or more commonly known as APv2, into General Availability a little while ago. So with this production release we should be able to name our corporate owned Windows devices right Microsoft? Right?
Patching Gaps in the CIS Windows 11 Benchmark - BitLocker
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Security Center for Internet Security (CIS) Custom Profiles BitLocker Direct Memory Access Settings Catalog
Everyone loves a security benchmark, and with the imminent move to Windows 11 for everyone, the Center for Internet Security released version 3.0.1 of theirs, including a build kit for Microsoft Intune, but what does this build kit break for BitLocker encryption?
Configuring Google Chrome on macOS for Platform Single Sign-On
Microsoft Intune macOS Configuration Custom Profiles Security Conditional Access Platform SSO
With all the hype about Platform SSO on macOS devices, now is the time to try out not just the standard functionality, but the integration into web browsers such as Google Chrome. We take a look at how to configure this using Microsoft Intune.
macOS National Cyber Security Centre Security Settings in Intune
Microsoft Intune macOS Security National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Custom Profiles Configuration
If you’ve ever had to implement baseline security settings, whether this be Centre for Internet Security, Cyber Essentials, or National Cyber Security Centre, you’ll probably have encountered some level of pain when it comes to non-Microsoft devices, as the guidance, is, well, complicated. Here we unpick these settings for macOS devices.