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Custom Backgrounds for macOS New and Classic Microsoft Teams Apps
Microsoft Intune macOS Microsoft Teams Apps Shell Script
With the availability of the new Microsoft Teams client for macOS, we should build upon an existing script to deploy backgrounds, and update it to support not just the new version but the classic version as well.
Keeping Windows Store Apps Updated with Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Software Updates Remediation Scripts Apps PowerShell Windows Autopilot Security
Now we all love the new Windows Store, especially for deploying applications from Microsoft Intune, but we should find a way to keep these UWP applications up to date without additional license cost.
Deploying Teams Backgrounds to macOS Devices
Microsoft Intune macOS Microsoft Teams Apps Shell Script
What happens when a stranger on the Internet asks you to look at something they’ve got a problem with? Here we are, looking at how to deploy Microsoft Teams Backgrounds to macOS devices.
Assigning Intune Mobile Apps Quickly and Consistently
Microsoft Intune Android iOS/iPadOS Administration Apps Graph API PowerShell Automation
No one, and I mean no one, really wants to manually and individually assign Mobile Apps to Users or Devices in Intune in their 100’s, so we should find a solution for this bulk assignment approach.
Reinstalling the Configuration Manager Client on Migrated Devices
Microsoft Configuration Manager Windows 10 and later Apps PowerShell Administration Automation
Have you ever had the pleasure of migrating Configuration Manager clients from one domain to another, or maybe between Configuration Manager environments? Tired of manually reinstalling the client from the Console? Wanting a quick and easy way to keep on top of migrated devices? You’re in luck.
The Easy Way to Approve Managed Google Play Apps
Microsoft Intune Android Administration Google Apps Graph API PowerShell Automation
We’ve all had to add Managed Google Play Apps in bulk to Microsoft Intune for your Android Enterprise enrolled devices, sometimes in the hundreds, let’s see if we can make this easier and less clicky.
Creating and Assigning App Categories the Smart Way
Microsoft Intune Apps Graph API PowerShell Administration Automation
What about assigning App Categories, do you want to be manually updating hundreds of Apps with categories? Let’s make one laborious task, less laborious, with a hacky PowerShell script.
Configuring Dell BIOS Settings with Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Intune Windows 10 and later Dell Apps BIOS Hardware PowerShell
What if you’ve only got Microsoft Intune to configure your Dell BIOS settings and not the glory that is Configuration Manager? How much do you like PowerShell, Win32 Apps and passwords in plain text?