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Revisiting macOS National Cyber Security Centre Security Settings
·5 mins· 0 · 0
Intune Apple macOS Security NCSC Configuration
With the improved support for macOS devices in Microsoft Intune, it’s time we revisited how to secure macOS devices aligned the National Cyber Security Centre guidance.
Deploying Teams Backgrounds to macOS Devices
·7 mins· 0 · 0
Intune macOS Apple Microsoft Teams Apps Shell Script
What happens when a stranger on the Internet asks you to look at something they’ve got a problem with? Here we are, looking at how to deploy Microsoft Teams Backgrounds to macOS devices.
Assigning Intune Mobile Apps Quickly and Consistently
·15 mins· 0 · 0
Intune Android iOS/iPadOS Apple Apps Graph API PowerShell
No one, and I mean no one, really wants to manually and individually assign Mobile Apps to Users or Devices in Intune in their 100’s, so we should find a solution for this bulk assignment approach.
Updating Apple Operating System Compliance Policies
·10 mins· 0 · 0
Intune Apple iOS/iPadOS macOS Compliance Updates Graph API PowerShell
Apple devices shouldn’t be exempt from Operating System compliance policies, and these policies should share the same fate as Windows ones, and be updated monthly in line with update release cycles.
Device Migration and Automated Device Enrolment Profile Assignment
·8 mins· 0 · 0
Intune Apple iOS/iPadOS macOS Enrolment Graph API PowerShell
Migrating iOS/iPadOS device to Microsoft Intune shouldn’t be a headache, and assignment of Automated Device Enrolment profiles with Apple Business Manager integration isn’t the exception.
Creating and Assigning App Categories the Smart Way
·12 mins· 0 · 0
Intune Android Apple Windows 10 and later iOS/iPadOS macOS Apps Graph API PowerShell
What about assigning App Categories, do you want to be manually updating hundreds of Apps with categories? Let’s make one laborious task, less laborious, with a hacky PowerShell script.
macOS National Cyber Security Centre Security Settings in Intune
·5 mins· 0 · 0
Intune Apple macOS Security NCSC mobileconfig Configuration
If you’ve ever had to implement baseline security settings, whether this be Centre for Internet Security, Cyber Essentials, or National Cyber Security Centre, you’ll probably have encountered some level of pain when it comes to non-Microsoft devices, as the guidance, is, well, complicated. Here we unpick these settings for macOS devices.